We started consulting on this project in January, 2020, before the pandemic. After conceptualizing and scripting it was time to cast and shoot. When we booked our first actress, the shutdown was just a week away and she got ill. We booked another actress and the same happened to her. We did a test with our CEO Erica and the client really liked it.

Bargaining for the Common Good in education is about transforming the way we bargain and advocate for our students and members. It is about engaging educators, parents, students, and community partners to unite and demand change, not only for our members, but also for the wider community. Together, we can push for increases in school funding, more school nurses and counselors, and wraparound services for schools in our most vulnerable communities. Bargaining for the Common Good lets us build power together and win bigger, broader supports for student success. Learn more at https://www.nea.org/bcg