At an NEA Priority School just outside of Detroit, the national Parent Teacher Home Visit Program (PTHVP) is helping teachers and parents engage on a whole new level. Instead of the traditional parent-teacher conference conducted in school, teachers go to students’ homes to hold conversations with parents about each student’s overall performance. This is not the typical parent-teacher conference conducted in the classroom. Instead, this is a reciprocal conversation conducted in the student’s home and part of a coordinated home-visit program at Romulus Middle School, a NEA Priority School.

Educators at Romulus Middle School, a NEA Priority School site, have been trained in PTHVP procedures.  This union-led collaboration identifies parents and school support staff as “co-educators” who work together to share their respective knowledge about the student while enhancing educators’ cultural awareness. It’s about building relationships, engaging families and facilitating student success.

Park Triangle Productions was contracted to produce this profile along with a similar project in Indianapolis.