We are proud to announce a formal edition of Erica Woods to the Park Triangle family. While she has been a principal for the company since its inception, she will now lead the company moving forward.

This is a very exciting move in terms of possible growth and development. This move allows Gemal Woods to move over to the position of Creative Director, where his focus can be concentrated on the production side. This will increase overall production value and business processes moving forward.

I’ve always felt burdened when playing these competing roles. Having to switch midday was the greatest challenge over the past 11 years and with that, there was a sacrifice on both sides of the company. Now I can truly find an advanced place in the creative world and not have to tend to the left side of brain as much. As Creative Director, I’ll still influence the vision of the company, but implementing the critical business responsibilities will no longer be my role.

— Gemal Woods

Erica brings a host of skills from her previous work experience in communications and project management with national and global organizations. Her much valued insight will help Park triangle serve our clients moving forward.

While I’ve always had my hand in work at Park Triangle, it wasn’t until Gemal convinced me with a full-court press, to come on board full-time. 2014 was a real turnaround for the company and studying the success of other  production companies allowed me to loosen up and take the big step.

— Erica Woods

Stay tuned for exciting projects already in pipeline, from national spots to a company lead broadcast show.